Optimize Your Business:10 Ways to Rank Higher on Google Maps

The ABC's of How to Rank Higher on Google Maps | FoundSM

Utilize Google Maps, the world’s biggest navigation app, to help reach your marketing goals like reaching new audiences to grow your sales.  You can get details on all the local traffic you want and get customers coming to you. We will give you tips on how to rank first on Google Maps, so you can tell your customers where to go first.

How Do Businesses Rank on Google Maps?

  1.  Optimized Google My Business Listing

Do you ever wonder what your customers see when they are searching through Google Maps?  It’s your Google My Business Listing.  Businesses that have gained sales through Google Maps have complete and correct important details like updated addresses and phone numbers, and they have the consistency of information across the web.

  1.  Claim Your Listing

Once you’ve been successful in adding your business to Google Maps and optimizing your listing, you should claim your business listing. You can’t do other steps to rank your business on Google Maps if your listing is not claimed.  

  1.  Business Category

Pick the most relevant and common categories for your business.  If you want to be found for commonly searched terms and preset categories, you should include this detail in your listing.

  1.  Specific Cities

Improve your ranking for users located within your target markets by stating which specific cities you service.

  1.  Link to Website

Customers who will want to know more about what you offer should be provided a link to your website.  Direct your audience to a working website where they can learn more about your products and services.

  1.  Engaging Photos

Use high-quality photos that show your company, your products, your staff, and your culture.  Attractive photos draw users’ eyes to your listing while increasing the chance to further your Google Maps SEO. 

  1.  Optimized Introduction

Your introduction makes your listing appear on the right Google Maps results.  Hence, it is one of the most critical parts of your Google listing. Create a thorough and informative introduction that will make Google understand so that it will fit your business in the search query.  Include keywords naturally for customer-facing descriptions that you want to rank for.

  1.  Accessible Interface

Incorporate a user-friendly and easily accessible interface with call-to-action buttons that will direct your customers to take the action you want them to take.  They should move further down the funnel.

  1. Get Good Google Reviews

Adopt a culture that will cultivate getting positive reviews like:

  • Ask customers directly, after a transaction to give you a review.
  • Put a prominent review at checkout
  • Use QR codes to get a review
  • Leave a review request on a business card attached to a “Thank You” memento
  • Provide a link for customers to leave a Google review
  1. Post Regularly on Your Listing

Publish regular posts that send a signal to Google that you are proactive in managing your listing.  This will be considered in ranking and will get your audience right in front of your hungry audience.

How to Increase Visibility on Google Maps?

If you want to improve visibility for your business on Google Maps, you will need to consider important factors similar to the 10 ways to rank higher on Google Maps listed earlier.  If you would like to focus on visibility, make sure you take the following steps:

  • Ensure that your business information on your Google My Business (GMB) Listing is accurate and that it truly reflects the physical attributes of your business location.
  • Make sure that you have a landing page for each of your offices or stores if that is the case.  Remember that Google uses signals from your own website and matches them to what is presented in your GMB Listing.
  • Do not stuff your keyword in the ‘Name’ field of your listing.  Also, you don’t have to put the location or suburb in the name field.
  • Do a citations audit and from there, update them with accurate information.
  • Put a strategy in place to show real review data, including negative reviews and how you worked a solution to the problem.  Ask reviews for resolution experience.
  • Stay on top of Google algorithms specific to local search.  Be aware of major updates so that you will know exactly how to leverage your posts.

How Can You Rank Higher on Google?

Follow the 10 ways to rank higher on Google Maps that we listed and create a checklist of tips on how to rank first on Google Maps.  Give your business a better chance of visibility and ranking for relevant searches.


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