Why You Should Use B2B eCommerce Solutions?

B2B ecommerce solutions are growing faster due to the increase in demand for their services. More organizations are making their way into the domain of e-business. They have started using the World Wide Web as a medium for carrying out business transactions. It is through the web that they could also communicate with their customers. Business owners have realized the benefits that come through using such solutions and hence, they continue to develop them.

Unique Online Marketplace

Ranks is a leading provider of such solutions. It has created its unique online marketplace where retailers from around the world can get their products delivered to their doorstep. Ranks facilitate the transaction of all kinds of products – physical and digital. The platform is designed in such a way that it allows the retailer to make price comparisons among competitors as well as provide a page comparing the deals of different vendors.

Comprehensive List of Products

Clarity eCommerce Framework is another popular B2B eCommerce solution Ranks. This solution is ideal for those who run small businesses that need to expand. They are provided with a comprehensive list of products that are similar to what the buyer is looking for and this enables the expansion of the business.

Clarity eCommerce solves the problems that come with purchasing through the web. Most buyers often encounter problems such as unclear details, payment issues and various other obstacles that keep them from completing transactions on the internet. These obstacles prevent the buyers from getting what they want and frustrate them. Clarity eCommerce solutions act as a bridge between the buyers and sellers and help in the smooth functioning of business.

Provide Accurate Descriptions

Buyer Centric design is one of the most important components that make these solutions work. This design makes it possible to provide accurate descriptions about the products and this in turn, eliminates the potential problem of miscommunication between the buyers and sellers. Buyer Centric design also facilitates convenient navigation on the site and this leads to higher conversions.

Business size and ability

These solutions can be used by anyone irrespective of their business size and ability. The process of selection of solutions requires the presence of a thorough analysis of one’s requirements. This will enable an appropriate solution to be chosen that satisfies the buyer’s specific requirements and budgets. In addition, the choice should be made according to the vendor’s reputation, the technology being used and the reliability of the vendor’s service.

Dedicated toll free lines

Businesses should be in full communication with the vendor throughout the process. Vendors often provide support for B2B eCommerce solutions on dedicated toll free lines. This helps to reduce the time required for customer support and ensures fast delivery of the final product. It is essential for the buyer to make sure that the vendor is able to deliver the goods when they are due and is committed to delivering services when they are due. Without proper support, the buyer may face the risk of not being able to claim the goods if something happens to the order.

The use of B2B eCommerce solutions has numerous advantages over traditional retail methods. The solutions ensure that the buyer gets the best possible deals. This results in increased sales and an increase in profitability. Further, the costs involved are significantly reduced and this allows the business owner to increase the number of sales.


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