How to reach higher up the corporate ladder

How to reach higher up the corporate ladder

Without a doubt, to build a career a person requires a qualification and specialised skills. However, once a person has graduated from school or college and enters the marketplace, that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of their days of studying.

The business world is ripe for disruptions and changes. Staying ahead of the curve will see a person navigate their way to better jobs with larger salaries and more responsibilities. Learning new skills is critical to adapting and managing change in business. Online business schools provide flexibility for a person to study part-time.

While working and studying presents its own challenges, these part-time students and full-time workers will reap the benefits with pay raises and job promotions. It also makes these people far more competitive in the job market. Armed with their new skills and the desire to ascend the corporate towers, presentation of those skills and experience is essential to showcase to prospective employers. A Word document doesn’t suffice for resumes. Read about how to spruce up your tips and feedback from Resume Genius reviews before deciding on how you’d like them to create your updated resume.

Online business schools aren’t all created equal. While the coursework might be similar in some instances, their philosophy differs. Your hard work to attain that qualification matters and you’d not like to seemingly have wasted your efforts and money on a course that offers you very little in return in respect of recognition from your industry.

Online business schools’ courses won’t land you the MBA-job, but it will broaden the scope of work you are able to undertake with confidence. The other consequences of studying part-time while working is that it leads to personal improvement, grows a person’s confidence in professional situations, and it grows their resume to better attract recruiters.

Before signing up to any online business school, research which online business schools are affiliated with your industry’s regulatory bodies so that you will be certain that your qualification is respected across your industry.

That same care and attention are also required for your resume to stand out from the many thousands that sweep across the desks of HR managers and recruiters weekly. You need to ask yourself what will make your resume stand out from the pile. Will it be a font you can add to your resume or will be it a resume that’s designed like a Fortune 500 company’s prospectus?

In fact, your resume needs to be tailored for each job you wish to apply for. The fundamentals of this are to look for keywords in the job listing and use those in your resume. It will show to the recruiter that you’re on the same page as they are and that you have a key understanding of the role they seek to fill.

The format of your resume is also critical. Search out examples of resumes for your industry and even job roles to see what you should use to maximise your resume’s impact when it lands on the recruiter’s desk.


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